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My Blood
My Sweat
My Tears

By Jewel Caples & Felicia St. Jean

Jewell Caples aka Jew'ell once known as the first female R&B singer who signed to Death Row Records from 1992 to 1996 is ready to take the industry by storm again through her highly anticipated and controversial novel "Blood, Sweat, and Tears".

Jewel  Caples a.k.a Juw’ell a.k.a the first lady of Death Row Records, has taken the time to give you a personal invitation to listen to the story of her life. Jew’ell is going to share the many details of her life beginning with her earliest memories as a young girl who grew up in a very religious household whose mother told her she was blessed with her lovely voice to sing for the Lord. Her family then relocated to Los Angeles and she began entering talent shows and pageants so much that It got her noticed enough to get the opportunity to sing for Dr Dre. She became one of the first artists to sign with Death Row. Despite her mother’s feelings about her singing secular music she decided to sing with “the gangsta rappers” on raps most notorious music label. Listen closely as she shares the details of being raped as a high school senior that resulted in her having to choose between keeping the life growing inside her or an abortion. This decision resulted in her giving birth to her oldest son Jo-el. Get the intimate details on her relationships with men, the trials and tribulations she went through with the men in her life. The one man she shot in self-defense and faced attempted murder charges of which she was vindicated. Jew’ell gives the juicy details about some of the most infamous incidents that took place while she was at Death Row. What was it really like working with Suge Knight, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Tupac? You will finally know it all and get the inside scoop from a true insider that was there when the crazy stuff went down. Get the low down on Suge, how he cheated her and everyone else out of all of their royalties and kept all of the artists quiet with a few thousand dollars of hush money here and there. Suge gave the artists cars, jewelry and empty promises just to keep them happy. She tells how things changed when Tupac arrived on Death Row how everything came to a screeching halt for all the artists and all attention was centered on Tupac. Jew’ell’s album that she worked so hard to get released never saw the light of day. Soon after she decided to get married and settle down with her husband who provided her the life she should have had being a singer on one of the most successful rap labels in history. For Jew’ell everything was going good living life as a housewife, she got pregnant and life couldn’t have gotten any better for her that is until one day the feds came and life as she knew it was over and forever changed….


'The one thing the industry was NOT to Ms. Jew'ell was "LOYAL"! The written lies and the falsified truths, everyone keeps asking "what happen to the lady who sung those hooks, where's Jew'ell", well here she is and now it's time for the truth and who else better to tell it than Ms. Jewell herself.

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