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Cameraman with Movie Camera


These are upcoming movies and TV series that are filmed and directed by Best Hand Media. All projects are filmed to the best quality to see the suspense, drama, action, romance, and more to keep you entertained, ENJOY!


Divas of Freestyle is a contest to find the dopest freestyle female

MC in the city of Detroit. The show gives viewers an inside glimpse into the process of going through several challenges until a winner is chosen. This is an all female cast ages 20-45 it was everything but smooth sailing. This reality show  had its fair share of drama along with bouts of jealousy, envy and personality conflicts.  This 3 day adventure ended  with amazing performances by all contestants but ultimately one winner. Check out Divas of Freestyle coming soon…. 



Dominique Jackson was the head of a Powerful Atlanta-based Crime Family that controls 90% of the heroin and cocaine within the Metro Atlanta area. Dominique was just released after serving 77 months at the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary for Conspiracy. .During that time, with soldiers on the ground and three siblings to run day-to-day operations Dominique was able to expand into Baltimore , Miami, and New York creating a 100 million dollar a year drug empire..A few hours after his release Dominique was killed in a traffic stop by the Atlanta police and the DEA.The FBI, The Atlanta Mayor’s office, U.S. Senator Alisha Woods and the Atlanta Internal affairs unit wants to know why he was killed with no weapons found inside the vehicle. The Car-done Crime family out of New York City wants to take over his operation, however Dominique's family has other plans.


Atlanta police Lt Sara Jones stares across the courtroom at her former partner Sgt. Craig Walker as U S Federal Judge Beverly Martin reads the charges out loud against him. Count 1: Conspiracy to distribute 50 kilos of cocaine Count 2: Conspiracy to commit murder of DEA agent Carter Wilson Count 3: Conspiracy to commit murder of Michael Cardone Jr. Lt Sara Jones continues to stare at her former partner in complete disbelief as Judge Martin continues to read the charges against him. Since her rookie year as a cop more than 20 ago Lt Jones has known Craig Walker since street patrol. With millions of dollars in cash and cocaine stolen from stash houses owned by the Cardone crime family. Lt Jones knows that he will not survive federal prison. His family has received multiple death threats since his arrest. As Lt Jones looks around the courtroom she can see members of the Cardone crime family , fellow Atlanta police officers , DEA , FBI and the US Marshals. As Judge Martin adjoins the courtroom US Marshall steps forward taking Sgt. Craig Walker into federal custody. What everyone doesn't know is that former Atlanta police Sgt. Craig Walker won’t be heading to federal prison today. In exchange for his testimony against the Cardone crime family, he’s heading to the Witness protection program .



Special agent in charge Eric Adams must track down one of the FBI most wanted, a Russian hacker known as J Valentin. With over 100 million paid in ransom to date, J Valentin has been able to prevent major corporations from accessing their computer files and network systems until a ransom is paid. With no fingerprints or photos Special agent in charge Eric Adams has no idea what the hacker looks like. The following morning Agent Adams receives a text message from an informant who has information that may break the case . The informant says that, not only does he know what the hacker looks like he knows where the hacker is located, however on the day of the meeting with the informant, Agent Adams is killed in a auto accident while en route. Now the FBI must convince the one person who can help locate the FBI most wanted cyber hacker . Agent Eric Adams' twin brother Avery Adams.


US District Court Judge Amir Henry Jr. will be celebrating his 5th year on the federal bench today. The youngest appointed federal judge in US history at the age of 37. Known by his colleagues and Federal prosecutors around the courthouse as the hanging judge, Judge Henry will attend a special ceremony today honoring the victims of 9/11 with members of Congress and the President of the United States. As he sits on the front row with his wife Bella of six years and 12-year-old twins; Emily and Taylor. Judge Henry reflects back 20 years ago, when the United States was being attacked by terrorists. Judge Henry‘s father and brother were among those killed that day aboard flight # 175 that crashed into twin tower 2 at 903 am. Today Judge Henry will honor his father and brother, not as victims, but as heroes who carried out their mission to destroy western civilization, in the name of Allah. You’re listening to Jihad “The American Judge”


Peter King is being released from federal prison today after serving 10 years for defrauding 2000 investor's out of a 100 million dollar Ponzi scheme worldwide. Peter is heading to an Atlanta halfway house to complete his remaining 2 month sentence. Everyone is hot on his trail for the missing money. The FBI are willing to give Peter a new identity if he is willing to cooperate , however Peter isn't giving any answers to where the missing money is 10 years later. Peter luck will soon run out since 20 million dollars of that money belongs to the Car-don crime family out of New York city.

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